0:02 AM
that sucks, im playing right now. but im in class now
11:59 PM
I can't even play runescape! I keep freezing as soon as I login! ):
7:43 PM
playin runescape at work shades
7:17 PM
im banned too =[
5:37 AM
I am banned for 2 days!
2:03 AM
1:46 AM
You can if you want but your msgs wont last =P
1:25 AM
Am I allowed to spam? >:[]
2:42 AM
ill be on today in 2 hrs
9:15 PM
Haha you suck .-_.I._-. and i will
8:46 AM
add me under ..believe..it cause I got banned p.s. UR GAY
8:40 PM
but warhero is a hacker so he's back in the clan
8:40 PM
Nah he didnt bann you, someone else did, they banned Abbey, war hero and Apple
8:25 PM
so he didi ban me
7:41 PM
Listen to music music till 5pm LoL